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What should I expect my first treatment? 

A portable treatment  table and linens will be brought to your site. 

You will be provided an intake form to fill out while your therapist sets up.

A general assessment will follow which  includes screening tests for safety and anything specific to your injury or condition before your treatment. 

For your initial assessment and treatment:

  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing 

  • Ensure you have a 5 x 10 space clear and available on your MAIN FLOOR. 

  • Have 1-2 pillows and a large towel available for use to make you more comfortable during treatment. 

Do I have to be undressed?

While most massage techniques are applied direct to skin.  If you prefer to stay clothed for your session that is totally fine! Your therapist will modify to suit your needs. Many people still experience some benefit with massage either way.  During a Swedish massage sequence only the area of the body  being worked on will be exposed at any given time during your treatment. 

Does massage hurt?

While massage can be beneficial for improving range of motion, tissue tone, pain management and sense of wellbeing.  If you have never had a massage before or your last treatment was a long time ago it is not unusual to feel a bit sore/ tender the next day or two after treatment. 


Massage is generally safe for most people. It is important that you communicate with your therapist. let your therapist know if you are experiencing  any increased pain so they can adjust your treatment!

What if I can't lie down?

For various reasons some individuals may not be able to tolerate lying flat on their back or stomach. Let your therapist know and we will try to modify to suit your needs. Treatments may be adapted into a side lying position. If you are unable to get onto a treatment table we may also be able to adapt for a hospital bed, massage chair  or wheelchair depending on your needs. Call or email and we can discuss! 

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